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Next Play

Next Play

Football Edition

Card Game You Play While Watching a Football Game on TV


The Next Play Football Edition is a card game you play while watching a football game on TV. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. You earn points if you win the "Live Zone." The play in the football game determines the winner(s) of the “Live Zone.” The game is easy to learn, good for groups, and a fun strategic way to complement your football game.

Easy to learn & lots of fun!


Shuffle & Deal

card game

Turn the football game on. Grab a deck of Next Play Cards. Shuffle and deal the cards to the people playing.


Add your Card

card game

Add your "Play" card to the "Live Zone" before the start of the play in the football game.


Earn Points

card game

If your "Play" happens in the football game, you earn the point amount from your "Play" card!


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