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Leadership Plays

At Next Play, our mission is to increase the level of fun that people have while watching sports. We achieve our mission by delivering unique games to our customers. Our employees are a team of Next Play Leaders. We use the “Leadership Plays” as our guiding principles.


Play for the Customer: Leaders are obsessed with the customer. Leaders start with the customer, identify opportunities to improve the customer experience, and work tirelessly to add value to the customer experience.


Own the Play: Leaders love ownership. They implement processes that add value to the company. They make decisions that are best for the long-term interests of the company.


Play Big: Leaders think about big plays. They are able to communicate an innovative idea, develop a business case for the idea, and implement the idea.


Learn the Play: Leaders are learners. Leaders make sure they are asking the right questions. When they do not know the answer, they learn it.


Hire & Develop the Play: Leaders hire people that will get the job done. They make sure all new hires meet the job qualifications. Leaders develop their direct reports in a way that allows the direct report to achieve their career goals while also adding value to the company goals.


Play with the Highest Standards: Leaders insist on the highest standards. They identify and fix defects. They evaluate themselves and their teammates based on their track record of implementing the Leadership Plays.


Bias for Playing: Leaders play. They identify the task that will add the most value to the company goals and then they work hard to achieve that task.


Play Deep: Leaders dive deep. They operate at all levels of the task. They contribute to a Next Play work culture that is fun, challenging, rewarding, and safe.


Deliver the Play: Leaders deliver plays that add value to the customer experience. They focus on controllable business inputs, deliver in a timely manner, and know there is always another play that they can perform for our customers.

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