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Sid El Saghir

Sid El Saghir

Sid El Saghir is a graduate from the University of Michigan. Sid received his BBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Sid also received his MBA from the University of Michigan. Sid has worked at 3M, KitchenAid, and Amazon. Sid enjoys helping other people achieve their goals.


Sid retired from fantasy football in 2016 after an illustrious career with 8 League Championships. Sid still follows the fantasy football news and rankings. If he did have a team this year, he would call them the “Next Play Tiebreakers” !! He wishes all the fantasy footballers the best of luck in the coming season.


Sid enjoys spending time with family, being healthy, and exercising. Sid used to be one of the fastest runners in town… he even ran a marathon! Sid’s current exercise routine includes stretching and strength training. One of Sid’s favorite exercises is swimming. Sid believes sports and exercise are a very important part of maintaining good health.


Sid believes it is very important for businesses to have a positive social impact in the communities where they operate. Sid also believes it is important to have a vision with very detailed future goals. Sid truly believes in the mission of Next Play. He wants to make games that increase the fun, strategy, and excitement of the live sports experience.

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